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Rozier Announces Run For Commissioner of Agriculture

I’ve had the honor & privilege of a thirty plus year career working all over the greatest state in the union with the best farmers on earth…YOU, the South Carolina Farmer.

Our farmers & agribusiness provide food, timber, holiday nostalgia with our families, and so much more, But its more than that. You are a modern connection to the roots of our agricultural beginnings, our values, our faith, our respect for the land, and our very own farming heritage.

Alarmingly, over the last decade I have heard more and more of you express concern over the loss of representation in the office of the current Commissioner of Agriculture. Furthermore countless missed opportunities to seed technological growth, be a conservative steward of taxpayer dollars, and ease the burden of suffering South Carolina farmers have fueled my desire to be your voice as the next South Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture.

Bob Rozier

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2 Responses

  1. Bob I live in Summerville, not a farmer, But I do like to eat, I have become aware of the Chinese buying up farm land in the USA, not to mention they are buying up meat processing plant’s. I would like to see S. C. Put a stop to this at least in our state. Any Thoughts.

    1. First of all we have to focus on getting out of state agricultural money out of South Carolina agriculture. Prioritize any use of high producing food crop land carefully….not solar farms. Unlike the incumbent who opposed Trump’s America First Tariffs, I think every single policy should put America and/or South Carolina first…always, or be geared towards making agricultural investment easier, more profitable, and specifically focused on growth of SC ag professionals. Thanks and I hope to have your support!

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